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why must they make all cold medicine taste HORRIBLE? even little pills. ugh.

i hate being sick. i think that is one of the worst things a single mom has to face. because you dont get a time out. you dont get to say "honey!"

alexis was so great for most of today. she did do her squeally high pitched scream a lot..but OH WELL. she also woke me up at 5:30 this morning..which is too too early any time..specially when you feel like crap.

i was a good mommy. i took her to the park for an hour and then i even made her a balanced dinner even though i did comtemplate just giving her yogurt and broccoli. we did watch a LOT of tv today. i feel so bad about that...but oh well. let me lay on the couch. alexis loves scooby doo. "cooby-goo where you". it's so cute. smart cookie!

saw my sister on friday. blah. waste.

went to a baby shower for my cousin tammy on sat. that was a bunch of fun.
alexis got to play with her little cousin olivia who is just a few days older than her. i also decided that everyone should surprise grandma with dinner soon. just show up at her house and we all bring something. my grandpa's birthday is on the 18th of this month and it's the first with out him. she's having a hard time. what better way to cheer her up!

saw some of alexis' friends at the park yesterday for the first time since october. that was nice. cute to see them bigger!

that's about it.

my aunt is taking us camping in june for a week (i think oliver should come down!). it's going to be fun..but a lot of work and being in the vicinity of a lake with a toddler just scares me. i know it will be ok...but i worry 24/7.


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Feb. 12th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
Feel better soon, cousin. There was a baby shower last night for a friend from church, he and his partner are adopting a little baby from Canada. I knit a little onesie.
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