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the weather here has been so nice. so back to the park daily we go. i think that's the funnest thing we do together. i love going there and seeing all the regular moms and their kids. it's just something so peaceful about it. so suburban!

i dont have a lot of time to read anymore..but i did start reading "searching for the sound" the autobiography of phil lesh. who is phil lesh? the bassist for the grateful dead. in it he talks about his childhood and growing up in the 40's and 50's. i swear, i was born in the wrong period of time. what a wonderful era to raise kids! the world was so much a peacefuler place than it is now. simplicity!

other than that, today at the park alexis was chasing around this four year old boy. he was being a monkey and doing flips and stuff off the stairs to one of the slides. i was behind alexis...because she doesnt really grasp the concept of "my turn" yet and i am always afraid one of the bigger kids will hurt her with out meaning to. anyway, im behind her and alexis decides to try and do a flip off the steps.

i raced to her as fast as i could and screamed "OH GOD"..which in a park full of mormons..probably isnt the best thing to say. i didnt reach her in time, but she was ok. paranoid mommy moment. she has a small scratch on her cheek and a few seconds of crying..she was back and ready to go. me on the other hand? i still feel horrible about it.


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