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Dec. 23rd, 2007

life is about as perfect as it can get, i do think. there are a few things that could be better (money, more space, better organization)...but i wont complain.

i am so excited for christmas, i can barely stand it. i've always loved christmas, but now that alexis is here, it's the best.

i love her so much. so so so so much and she's turning out to be such a wonderful little girl. sweet, loving, caring, so smart. i just want to scoop her up and keep her this way for a very long time!

she's the best thing that's happened to me.


today was just one of those perfect days. probably the most perfect day since alexis was born.

i found steven a gameboy on craigslist the other day and i got him 5 games off there today. not a ds like he had and judy ended up pawning..but he will be so happy when he gets them on sunday =). i cant wait!

roommates and i swapped gifts tonight. i got a shirt and a radio. alexis got a box of diapers *YAY*, dishes and a stuffed singing dog.

she laid on her tummy on the kitchen floor and watched the doggy sing. it was so cute.

found out my uncle daric was going to dress like santa tonight and have this huge thing at his house. greg went with us and alexis had a BLAST! daric gave her a sled ride (no snow..but oh well) and she loved it. my mom, rick and natalie had shown up too.

my favorite aunt sheri sent us gifts and sent them to her sisters house. mom went and picked them up and her sister gave alexis and i a bunch of goodies to eat. YUM!

my uncle had his house all lit up. looked like a tree threw up on his front lawn. every sort of blow up christmas decoration was out there too. a tent set up for santa and ms. claus (aunt julie).

just seeing alexis' face was priceless. i got a million pictures.

definatly one of the times that makes all the work, sleepless nights and fit throwing worth it =)

merry christmas.

i wanna be like...OLIE! ;)

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. (Some I know too well. ha!) I read your journals, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you for your interest in my words.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...they listen in rapture to the love-music of she-turnips." (Think of it as your Christmas present to me! lol)

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal and see what gems of knowledge appear.


i am pretty much ready for christmas. a week to spare. thank god! still have a bunch of cards to send out and presents to re-tag (alexis ripped all the tags off!)..but i'm not too stressed.

this year alexis is getting

a baby alive baby (she "drinks" her juice and you press her tummy and she pees!)
a doll stroller
a blues clues dvd
a pair of penguin pj's from old navy
finger paints for the bathtub
a small see and say blue's clue toy
a baby einstein cd
little people stacking set
this way cute elephant shape sorter
a fuzzy christmas book

oh and the main gift is a play kitchen that i'm going to have a hell of a time putting together.

i am so excited for christmas. i cant wait

Nov. 26th, 2007

it finally happened. we got into a HUGE fight saturday evening. very nasty..but oh well. it needed to be done.

one of the things i was told, is that i do not do anything around here and im a slob. HAHAHAHAH anyway, since i do not do anything..i thought i would take the left overs and throw them away. barb made a huge fuss and told everyone that whatever was left after sunday was being thrown away.

i threw it all out. today, after alexis' nap. barb asked what i did with the turkey. i told her i threw it away. she got sooo mad. i reminded her about what she said and she said that she had mentioned she was doing something with the turkey. i apologized and went to get alexis.

i went back into the kitchen for something and i told barb it was an honest mistake and that i would buy another turkey. she yelled at me "i dont want to hear it"

well i got to thinking...


what the hell, crazy bitch.
i'm going insane. i have lived in my house now for almost two years (another two and a half months will make it 2 years) and i NEED OUT!

i'm tired of living with people who do not respect me or how i am raising alexis. alexis has a milk allergy and CAN NOT HAVE DAIRY, but does my roommate barb give her cheese behind my back? ALL THE TIME. which gives alexis diareah like you would not believe. but barb thinks alexis will out grow it IF i give her diary now. well screw you lady.

i have a few things laying out around the house. we do not have room for them in our room and they are rather nice things that i do not want to get broke. barb seems to think ITS HER HOUSE AND ONLY HER FUCKING HOUSE and moves my shit and tells me to put it away all the time.

last night greg was going to go outside to smoke. barb told him that he didnt have to. that it was also his house. yes, this is his house as well, but greg is a gentleman. he realizes that there is a TODDLER LIVING IN THE HOUSE and that smoke is not good for children. stupid bitch.

the other morning i went to microwave something for alexis for breakfast .. frozen pancakes i think...and she flipped out on me and told me i was being too loud. but whenever alexis is asleep, do you think that she's quiet? oh fuck no. who cares if there is a one and a half year old sleeping. "THIS STUFF NEEDS TO BE DONE".

the sound of her voice makes me want to strangle her..seriously. i'm tired of the oh poor me routine. yes, you have no money..but that's because you work on an average of 4 hrs a day for 3 days a week. your husband doesnt work at all. what the hell do you expect? you want money, get a real damn job and stop your bitching.

Nov. 14th, 2007

ACK. i havent been able to update, i forgot my password and lj was MEAN! never fear, i figured it out and life is good once again!

halloween was great. alexis was a devil and she was so stinking cute. AND GOOD. was one of those nights that i am so glad she's here with me. i wish you all could have seen her. so so so so sweet.

it was good that we were so busy that night. it's now been over 14 years since my dad died. to me that seems so important...i was barely 14 when he died. i never thought i'd make it a month with out him let alone 14 yrs. i still think i did better in the fourteen years he was alive than with out him..but that's life.

breaks my heart to think of missing out on events in alexis' life. i dont have ANYONE watch her, simply because i dont want to miss something important. the few times i have had my moms parents watch her, i race back hoping nothing amazing has happened in her life.

sounds extremely selfish..but that is one of the reasons why i didnt go through with the adoption. *i* WANTED to be the one who was there for all the firsts. i was the one who wanted to pick out the themes for her birthday parties and help with the halloween costumes and the sleep overs and school things. i wanted to be there for it all and i couldnt fathom missing any of it.

on a side note, did i post that judy is pregnant again? *gag*

greatness times a million

life has been good lately.

in july there was this big thing in the paper about unclaimed property in idaho and how if unclaimed soon, the state of idaho would take it. they had a list of names and my name was included. So i called, filled out the paper work and sent it in.

i didnt think i'd hear back from them..thinking it had to be someone else with my name...i did..until i got the mail today.

i got a check for $62.64. YAY. not sure what it was from. didnt say, but i dont really care. im just happy and grateful!

my favorite aunt (the lovely mom of the ever wonderful cousin oliver) was in town this weekend and alexis and i spent the entire day saturday, with her. it was a blast and alexis was so so so so good and so cute.

all the moms in the neighborhood take their kids to the park around 4 pm. alexis and i have gone at 4:30 daily. before, we would go once in the morning and once in the late afternoon after dinner....not really caring. But since we changed times, alexis has been getting to play with kids more and i now have some mommy friends in the neighborhood. it's great.

my mom is in new orleans right now for some convention on water treatment or something like that. i know the floods aren't anything MAJOR. but i hope things get better there and she is able to come home as planned on thursday. my stepfather laughed when i said i was worried..but i dont know what i'd do if anything ever happened to my mom. it makes me sick to even think about it.

anyway i am going to finish my popcicle and get my butt to bed.

say hello to 28

i had a good birthday.
i'm lucky.

i love you guys

Sep. 26th, 2007

eric is home and i am so happy. cant wait for him to finally meet his niece!

alexis and i joined our first play group. im excited! not sure how well i will fit in...the other moms are very well off.

(i live on the edge of a very upscale subdivision. go two blocks and there are all these HUGE houses....)

i turn 28 in less than two weeks. i soooooo dont want to.